Greg Howard   AZUL NEW CD! Improvisation with John D'earth and Brian Caputo
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"The infinite possibilities for surprise and excitement from a group like this (not that there is another group like this), make Azul one of the most exciting band’s you’ll hear anywhere. Grab a copy of the CD, or better yet catch them live if you can."
—Gary Funston, WTJU-FM

AZUL is the new improvisational trio I play in, with my longtime musical partner-in-crime, trumpeter John D'earth, and a very exciting new drummer, Brian Caputo. The music is entirely improvised, but not usually "free-form". Instead, we conjure up grooves, melodies and textures, borrowing from established musical traditions where desired.

In this setting I like to think of myself as "the orchestra" and as a "spontaneous composer". John is "the soloist", with his incredible lighting lines, deep understanding of harmony, and sardonic humor (listen for his vocalizations). Listening, pushing, and always surprising with his incredible colorations, grooves, and dramatic punctuation is Brian, a wonderfully intuitive musician, and my most recent collaborator.

We recorded AZUL at The Sound Studios on May 14, 2013, in Charlottesville, Virginia. The trio had only performed three shows together, and I wanted to capture the chemistry of the group while it was still really fresh. My gratitude to engineer James McLaughlin, who seamlessly captured our performance, which I then took home and mixed slowly over the next several weeks.

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Track Listing (total time 68:11)

 1 Wave after Wave after...
 2 Night Birds
 3 Boys Make Noise
 4 Seared, the Seer Soared
 5 Wildlands
 6 Tear Jay
 7 Don't Be a Baby (note to self)
MOBY SUITE (tracks 8,9,10)
 8 Queequeg
 9 Whales Versus Ships
10 Ahab's Release

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